The 36 Decans

March 3, 2023 (1y ago)

Decans are divisions of a Zodiac sign into three 10 degree sections. Each Decan is associated with its own planetary ruler, and is said to have its own unique characteristics and influences. The Decans are an ancient concept, dating back to at least the time of the ancient Egyptians, and are used in traditional and modern astrology.

This chart is inspired by the ancient Dendera Zodiac, and an invitation to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of their natal chart and its influences on their life. Start by discovering your date of birth in the chart to identify your natal Decan, and learn about the Planets, Elements and Qualities shaping the energy of the Decan.

The first 10 degrees of each sign belongs to the sign itself, while the second 10 degrees of the sign is associated with the next sign in zodiacal order that is of the same element, and then the last 10 degrees of the sign is associated with the third sign in zodiacal order.

Navigate the chart throughout the year to follow how the energies shaping our lives ebb and flow. Use this as a starting point to connect with something beyond what is visible.

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I have consolidated the information and correlations to present the Decans from as many sources as possible. No single approach seems more correct than the others, and we consider the decans a meditative approach for following the metaphorical sun across the sky throughout the year.

Research in Muse

Research in Muse



  • Reverse Chaldean (Planets)
  • Triplicity (Rulership)