Welcome to Centaur Labs

Hi there!

You are the first among many friends I hope will embark on a new project with me.

Centaur Labs is a long-term engagement and public space for discussing possible futures of technology and humanity.

A core aspect of the project is an interview series I hope to pilot with you.

I am inviting fellow visionaries, futurists and technologists to answer a series of 10 questions about yourself and how you perceive possible futures. These will be published through this website and a regular newsletter, starting early 2022.

I would love it for you to participate.

The questions are intended to be meditative and personal – so please make sure to find the time and space for thinking about them and writing down your thoughts. Whether you need a week or a month to complete the interview, do so at your own pace.

To confirm participation, please use the form below.

I will be editing and publishing the interviews on Centaur Labs as a regular newsletter and put effort into promoting the series. I am inviting ~10 friends with similar profiles for the initial batch, and have many dozens of names in mind for the long haul.

Make sure to share the name of other visionaries I should be interviewing.


  1. Does it feel like the world is speeding up?
  2. What is the first technology you remember using?
  3. Where do you go to learn about the future?
  4. What is something you do daily to move towards more desirable futures?
  5. What is an interesting or transformational technology you recently discovered?
  6. What is an image that represents the future?
  7. What is something children or teens are doing today that adults should learn from?
  8. How does the future make you feel?
  9. What is something you recently changed your mind about?
  10. What is a message you want to send to the future?

Participation Form

Please complete the form below to confirm your interest in submitting the interview. You will receive a copy of the questions via email.

Publication Process

After receiving your response, we will add your interview to the editorial and publishing queues. Each post will be edited lightly and presented to you before publishing. We expect to publish interviews every one or two weeks through a handful of closely coordinated channels. After publication, we will need your help promoting the post across your own social networks.

We will promote each edition:

  • By publishing it on Centaur Labs and leaving the last question behind a registration wall, asking readers to sign up to a dedicated newsletter.
  • Through a dedicated newsletter integrated on this website (using Ghost).
  • Through a dedicated Medium channel.
  • Through my own social channels, namely Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • On Envisioning Slack.

You will be asked to help promote your interview during the week of publication.

  • Posting on your own social media channels (especially Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Emailing your friends, colleagues, family, fans and enemies about the publication.
  • Helping us create engagement around the publication and generate dialogue around futures literacy.

Long Term

I want Centaur Labs to become a platform for thoughtful discussions about the intersection of technology and humanity. Please consider yourself invited to promote your own essays and publications here.

Usage Rights

  • Centaur Labs reserves the right to publish your edited responses in public on our website and newsletter.
  • Centaur Labs reserves the right to charge or request personal information in exchange for part of your responses.
  • You are free to re-publish the interview on your own website or newsletter.


As a token of appreciation, you may attach an invoice of €100 with your interview responses.

Please address the invoice to:

  • Centaur Labs OÜ
  • Sepapaja 6
  • Registry Code: 16272218
  • VAT: Depends

Your invoice should include:

  • Full Name
  • IBAN
  • Email
  • Date


  • We will process each invoice in 60 days or less.
  • If you need a service for producing invoices, consider Xolo Go.
  • If you need a service for converting EUR, consider Wise.com.

Thank you - I look forward to doing this together!



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