Presentations, lectures and keynotes.

Everything is accelerating

I believe technology has outsized effect on industry and society. Understanding the principles of technological change is rapidly becoming a fundamental management (and life) skill. I enjoy thinking and talking about these issues and have presented my thoughts in corporate and public environments.

These engagements help people think more clearly about the future.

Talks cover the nature of technology, principles of accelerating change, future-shocking thoughts and plausible scenarios for what's next.

Patterns of Technological Transformation

Lecture and workshop to identify certainties in an uncertain future.


Technology can seem fast & unpredictable, but by identifying its underlying patterns – like those of 'accelerating returns' (which describes why things are getting faster faster) – can help you create more accurate visions of the future and realistic scenarios.

This session covers a litany of historical patterns of technological transformation – certainties like 'future shock' and 'unintended consequences' – along with future perspectives and structured conversation opportunities for participants to learn and engage with patterns.


  • Develop a big-picture understanding of technological progress and direction.
  • Engage with the issues through a guided discussion in plenary or breakouts.
  • Learn to navigate complexity and anticipate future trends.


Lecture exploring the combination of human and machine intelligence.


If the bicycle allows us to move our bodies further and faster than without it – the computer allows our minds to do the same. Tools change our nature. We have access today to more information and more technologies than ever thought possible, which begs for better human-machine relationships for ourselves and our organizations.

This session introduces the concept of Centaurs, and invites us to develop a more symbiotic approach for using technology. The lecture can be used to frame a conversation about the technology in our organizations and personal lives.


  • Understand when you should leverage computers and when to use human skills.
  • Learn a powerful metaphor about the relationship between humans and technology.
  • Make better use of data and existing technology resources.

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