Interview about Education (Wired)

Published in Wired UK 16.11

How should we educate our children to be productive members of tomorrow’s society?

Educators are under-equipped at preparing students for an uncertain future, leading tomorrow's society to be shaped by yesterday's tools. Worldwide, ministries of education are increasingly considered expenditures (rather than investments).

Education technology went from pencil to whiteboard to cloud without changing the underlying operating system. Educators know this, but are incapable of causing this shift. Productive future citizens unlearn to learn. Embrace the language of technology, learning its rhythms, rules and grammar. The principles of code, the patterns of transformation.

Wired from the crib, future citizens speak technology by default. School can't afford to keep pace. Technology makers should have fiduciary duty to education, offering unrestricted training, cutting edge equipment and fiscal percentage points. Consider it a privately funded, publicly beneficial R&D investment.