The Tree of Life

February 2, 2023 (1y ago)

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a diagram of human existence — a roadmap of mind, body and spirit and how they relate. The Tree represents a series of 10 divine emanations and how they interact to create our reality. Learning to interpret the Tree is about balancing the tension of opposites in your life and the world around you.

The Tree is also a symbolic glyph which embodies the magical axiom of “as above, so below", representing universe (macrocosm) and body (microcosm), each reflecting the other.

Finally the Tree is a map of the psyche, enabling you to explore your own mental and emotional landscapes with a well-used and effective map that is designed to facilitate growth and realization of the self.

The Tree of Life can be studied by anyone, regardless of religion, culture or language. Consider meditating on the Tree and its many aspects, in order to advance your initiation.

Ten Sefirot

Each sefira consists of a series of meanings and correspondences, including how they are defined and how they relate to each other. Different occult systems like alchemy and astrology help explain emanations from different perspectives.

Four Worlds

The 10 sefira exist in what are called the four worlds, or four states of being, from the most abstract and spiritual to the most dense and material. Each sefira emanates a different color in each world. From divine spirit, source steps toward creation through all four worlds.


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Linked correspondence table in Notion.

Visual references and notes for the Tree of Life in Muse.


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